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by adminmkpusa on October 6, 2018

The New Warrior Training Adventure

The Next NWTA in Florida is February 22nd – 24th, 2019.

Space is limited!   Register Now for the Florida February 2019 NWTA.

Are you ready to move yourself closer to who you want to be in the world … as a partner, husband, father, brother, friend … as a man? 

This is the essential modern initiation weekend for adult men. For 30 years, this intensive training has been recognized around the world as one of the premier personal development experiences available. It’s life changing.  There is nothing else like it. We’re looking for men ready to invest their guts and hearts, to step into their power, connection, and brilliance.

We’re changing the world, one man at a time. If you’re about making the world a better place for yourself and those you love, join us.

RegisterButton_newTo register by phone or learn more:
Contact:    Kevin Danaher
Phone:    773-338-6790
Email:    KevinDanaher@mkp.org

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“The Mission of The ManKind Project USA is to create a world where men act on their individual and collective responsibility for the future of humanity by initiating and supporting men on a path of emotional maturity, spiritual awareness and deepening community.”

Upcoming New Warrior Training Events

by johnrose on October 6, 2018

February 22-24, 2019
Silver Springs, FL
Stop living vicariously through movies,
television, addictions and distractions
and step into your Hero’s Journey. The
world needs wide awake, powerful,
compassionate, emotionally mature men.
Take action. Improve your life,
your relationships, your community.
Create the future you want for our world.
May 17-19, 2019
Silver Springs, FL
Whether you identify as Gay, Bi,
Trans, Questioning, Queer, or
Curious, the New Warrior Training
Adventure GBTQ Gateway provides a
path to discovering and integrating
your authentic masculine power. We
welcome you!

Ready to awaken the man you want to be?

August 21, 2009

You made it here. That’s a really great start. You may be feeling ready to make a change, shake things up, or continue the positive path of growth that you’re on. Today we all face serious challenges. Men are faced with tough questions about what it means, and what it takes, to maintain the strength […]

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The ManKind Project is a global nonprofit [501 (c)(3)] charitable organization that conducts challenging and highly rewarding programs for men at every stage of life. The ManKind Project supports a global network of peer-facilitated men's groups where men mentor men through the passages of their lives. The ManKind Project empowers men to missions of service, supporting men to make a difference in the lives of men, women, and children around the world. We help men through any transition, men at all levels of success, men facing almost any challenge. Our flagship training, described by many as the most powerful men's training available, is the New Warrior Training Adventure. The ManKind Project (MKP) is not affiliated with any religious practice or political party. We strive to be increasingly inclusive and culturally aware.